Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3.12.2013: Wil Trapp Back In The Mix After Successful U-20 Tournament, Could He Be The Answer In Central Midfield?

Could Wil Trapp be the answer in central, defensive midfield for the Columbus Crew?

It appears that Sanchez's slow start with Columbus (only 20 uninspiring minutes for the former Argentinue U-20 national) have some wondering if he is going to be a bust?

While others are worried that Crew veteran Danny O'Rourke hasn't looked that impressive in central, defensive midfield either this year. Although the reviews have been mixed.

Tony Tchani has never been that great or that bad, just inconsistent. 

Which may open the door for Wil Trapp, who was a top performer in the U-20 Concacaf Tournament for the United States this past week in Mexico.  And may also open the door for Kevan George as well.

The fact is that so far only Agustin Viana has made a real claim for one of those two central, defensive midfield positions.

The door is open for everyone else...

And it appears that Manager Robert Warzycha and Technical Director Brian Bliss back Trapp's ability to make a run at a starting spot.
"He's a good player. He's going to find his way onto the field. Sooner or later you're going to see him." -Warzycha
Bliss believes it won't be a long wait for the young player's MLS debut, adding, "It will be tough for him, but Wil's proven in the past he's up to the task and he won't be deterred."


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