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Thursday, June 2, 2016

6/2/16: Last Night's Loss Isn't Terrible For Me

Last night's loss isn't terrible for me.

The team had moments where they played well.

Ola Kamara was scoring again. Steve Clark has been motivated and has played well.

Further, Christian Martinez and Ben Swanson contributed which is a plus, depending on your opinions of their play. Either way, Martinez had a pretty sweet goal.

There were players out for international duty and injuries. But, for me this Summer the big focus is on defense.

We can score with Ola now and our midfield is strong. We need to get solid in the back in front of Clark, consistently.

The second goal was bad defense, all around. If we allow 3 goals a game we're going to have a tough time winning. Score two, should win.

I think if the Crew were to make a Summer signing that they don't need to bulk up, up top. They need to in the back, especially centrally. And in central midfield, if Tchani is never seeing the field again?

Get him back on the field. There's no presence or strength in the middle with Trapp and Saeid.

3 goals allowed the last two games is the issue.

Another issue is we won one of the last two against a good RSL side.

Further, this one may sting a bit after getting the lead early on and having a bogus red card. So, hopefully it gets our guys moving even more so after this break.

Not a bad two weeks for me against two better teams.

Were two wins away from 2nd in the East.

I have a feeling this team will really get going after a few weeks off. They seem to be more of a unit now after the trade.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/31/16: Ola Kamara Goal Video

I usually like to put together a few videos a season.

Hasn't been anything to tempt me until after Saturday night.

Music is a remix of Ruffneck Bad Boy by Mat Zo vs. Muscle by Low Pros (Gladiator Remix). It's actually my own remix of the two songs, lol so be kind.

Just figured may be fun to see all three goals again, real quick. Can cheer up a Tuesday.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

5/26/16: Columbus vs. Cincinnati Open Cup Scenario

*A few Columbus Crew fans have complained about a Open Cup matchup with FC Cincinnati taking place at Jesse Owens, if it occurs. Link here.

They want it to take place at a larger stadium or Mapfre.

I'm not too upset because first off could not happen (find out on June 1st) and if it does Columbus fans won't likely come out in droves if it's against USL Cincinnati.

Because a.) it's the Open Cup and b.) it's against a team that didn't exist last year. Would perhaps be more fascinating playing the Cleveland Crunch.

At best, it's a Toronto FC-esque circle jerk in Crew Stadium. Who wouldn't want to avoid that, lol.

But is it going to be profitable if Cincy brings a couple thousand fans? If it is might be worth considering next go around.

If it would be, I'm sure the Columbus Crew would change it since they're running a business.

*If Cincinnati were the home team actually. More marquee matchup in my opinion and may be more fun for us.

Away matches are always interesting.

Also, worked at a USL club. The hugest thing on their schedule is the U.S. Open Cup. They're circling a possible matchup with Columbus. Cincy has already took a shot at Columbus on their twitter.

So, why are we home? How it happens in most soccer-related Cups around the world (FA Cup and etc.) the minnow is at home (or at least home and away). Because it's a big deal when Wimbledon hosts Manchester United, not a big deal when it's reversed. About the same for Columbus or any MLS team.

If it were in Cincy. Opportunity for Nordecke to bring the entire section, which in turn could be sort of impressive (although I'm sure their "supporter groups" are already Orlando City cool). Yet could attract a few future Nordeckians from the South; who may want to view better soccer and can afford a ticket for more than a dollar.

And does it matter for us to be the home team since it's a struggle for MLS teams to focus on the U.S. Open Cup anyways?

Why not give Cincinnati another chance at a record, give Crew players an experience with a charged up opposition crowd.

Nothing can be done to change who the home team is lol, but would've been cool to catch a game in another locale. Cincinnati isn't a bad time.

*But should throw the game in Mapfre because who truly knows, just in case, could turn out exceptional. Or well.

It could be a complete shitdud. But, if it is so what? oh well. Put it where it can succeed just in case.

*Yet, why always second guess management? Maybe the Crew FO are just making sure they're not playing the Rowdies in the 4th Round and they have a 187 attendance.

If June 2nd Cincinnati is in the Fourth Round. They should change it if they can.

Things get heated rivalry wise on the East Coast. Browns vs. Steelers. NYRB vs. NYCFC even had 40,000 fans and they're probably two of the most plastic teams in MLS.

Never seen a Columbus vs. Cincinnati matchup. Who knows. But, could kick off an intense and real future rivalry, coming off of erm "rivalry week."


*Speaking of which.. Columbus looked good against Toronto FC.

Good enough for a tie. Someone on the team needs to learn how to finish.

Our team should put this as their sponsor on the new jerseys with recent finishing.
Kind of matchy, matchy actually.

*Higuaín looked good. Have been on him since the Kamara thing; Questioning whether we should've went the other way on that.

But, credit where credit is due. Looked good or better. Not enough for me to say that was the correct move but was better.

Better enough for a tie.

*Afful, Cedrick, Sauro are unavailable against Real Salt Lake. Tchani and Francis are either injured or in the Berhalter doghouse. Ruff, ruff.

Sauro being out for five months puts a sincere PS perhaps on the fact that the Crew will absolutely do nothing this year.

Happy thoughts, lol.

Looks like the perfect venue for a first matchup.

Friday, May 20, 2016

5/20/16: Nothing To Complain About.. So.

Well today. So you know what that means..

     Let's complain about jerseys!

Real men quite simply wear yellow and black.

So do real women

And scantily clad women.

You know what it is..

Thursday, May 19, 2016

5/19/16: TFC Rivalry, Christian Martinez, Etc.

I expect, I don't know. A tie.

* We play our rivals this week. I think.

How did (or do) we consider Toronto F.C. a rival?

Some tough times in MLS about 7 or 8 years ago I guess, if that was a rival. Toronto is like half a country away. I think I've been there twice in my life.

Both times were likely for a Crew-TFC game or to hang out with my best friends.

Oh I forgot.

A.) Columbus weather is like Miami to Canadians. So a lot of them.
B.) Bad security.

*We signed somebody! Usually we just let people leave (so a bit startling).

Either give Federico a grumpy face or be home sick... Forget that contract, go on vacation! 

Be distressingly massive my friends.

Anyways, we signed one Christian Martinez. He takes up an international spot, is on loan, will likely never play because he is 19, and is our 14th midfielder.

Probably means he will be our best player. Makes sense.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5/17/16: Crew After Their Form of Ibrahimovic

Someone else with a difficult name to spell, Idriss Mhrisi.

Sorry if I broke your heart. Kei Kamara is the closest we'll ever get to a star in yellow and black. If you didn't know that, god help you.

Rumor link here on Idriss Mhrisi.

He's a winger (surprise there) that can play centrally as well.

Umm, my only thought on this is his first goal happens to be of the sweet variety on this video:

My second thought, what else is there to say.

Not magnificently exciting if that's what were after, after grasping a million of roster cap space and a DP, as well as gaining an international slot, were after a player paid $25,000 in Tunisia last year?

Enjoy your 2016 Crew fans!

Why not just take the million in roster space and invite all Crew fans to a Kevin Hart free show at Mapfre. Lol, why not at this point.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

5/15/16: Best 45 Yet Is Progress

Get in there (Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports)

Best 45 minutes yet of the season is progress.

Sure the game could've been better with three points. But, that, against probably the best team we've played (Colorado is supremely legit and were impressive with Doyle, Jones, and Gashi) is good. Especially when considering the week we've had, I expected worse.

Truth is Cedrick's first half was more dangerous in comparison to what Finlay has done all season in 9 games.

I like Finlay. When he is at his top, hell of a player. Think he has a lot to offer us this season. But, True or False?

Leave him on the bench for a while. It will be okay, really Gregg.

That said, I think Finlay has great talent/ability (confidence right now, as someone said in other thread, could be better) and why not maybe put Finlay at attacking midfield for Higuaín who does absolutely nothing for me. Really. Could it really be much worse? Or put Finlay at striker, didn't he start with us as a striker?

Nooo can't do that with COPA America coming up and Gregg won't. But, hey better than the bench. Where he legitimately may belong behind Cedrick after tonight (not that Gregg could ever give someone a go over his team legends). And I rather have him on the field. Just put him in another position, if it gets Cedrick on as well.

Anyways, if we never see you again, thanks for a great play and goal, Cedrick.

On the Higuain note. Sell him too this Summer, save up more money for a star striker (hey if that somehow got us closer to Zlatan, lol).

But on the serious note, we would perhaps be better off or fine playing like Larsen in Higuaín's position (or no worse at all) and starting Cedrick on the wing.

And/or perhaps we could put two up top, hell even Ola and Finlay (don't think Ola was bad). But, some plan has to be decided now, implemented, and our team has to be fully in. We need to be getting three points every week for a while.

On the Ola is shorter than Kei thing. So, we got a shorter striker (ever see Messi) lets do less crosses then (duh) play down the middle more. For example, Ola's runs would've been bomb down the middle, if Meram and others could create a final pass to him.

I think Larsen might be a dope little player, he had two ridiculous passes that no one will probably notice. But, FYI play Cedrick on a wing, Larsen in the middle, we will be pretty good I think. Have a feeling with both of those players. If Gregg Berhalter could ever have that feeling about any NEW SIGNING. Hell wasn't Ethan Finlay a forward when he first came to us. Throw him back up there, if it means getting Cedrick on the field.

Probably be as good as Ola was. Or give Ola more time (thought he was fine).

What I would go with next game:

Don't think Ashe was bad. But, also wouldn't put our struggles on anything Waylon Francis did. Thought he played just as well, a more dangerous player out of the back (although Ashe has solid points, especially defensively, so would be okay either way).

And put Ola back in at 60 minutes.

Also, impressive on Parkhurst for playing with a popped shoulder all game. That's some captain stuff there.